Board Of Commissioners.


Currently KPPU is lead by Dr. Syarkawi Rauf (Chairman) and Mrs. Kurnia Sya’ranie (Vice Chairman) from their appointment by all Commissioners in mid 2015. He stated that under his leadership, he will focus its assessment on five strategic sectors, like banking, food commodity, logistic, education, and health. Especially to welcome the ASEAN Economic Community in 2016. “Banking is one of our focuses, considering the fact of high interest rate in Indonesia compare to other countries in ASEAN”, said Dr. Rauf in one of his meeting with media. He viewed unstable bank interest rate will create significant burden to the enterprises. So, he suspected the existence of cartel agreement in banking sector. Meanwhile, in food commodity, he suspected the existence of unfair price control on several staple foods which lead to its constant high price increase. This may due to cartel attempt by group of independent producers to rigged the price, and limit supply and thus, competition in the market. Following this new leadership, he will continuously committed to greater cooperation among competition agencies in the world, and convince that competition policy will gain its place as the culture of Indonesian people for better endeavor toward economic development and sustainable growth.

Commissioners works as collegiality, as all important decision shall be made by voting mechanism. In such sense, all Commissioner have equal voice before their Commissioner Meeting, the highest decision making in KPPU. To get to know more about our Commissioners, below is their brief curriculum vitae.



Dr. Muhammad Syarkawi Rauf is the on-going Chairman of KPPU for the period of 16 July 2015 to end of December 2017. He is the youngest Member of the Commission in 2012-2017 term. He awarded a PhD in economics at the University of Indonesia in 2008 with a dissertation entitled International Risk Sharing and Financial Integration: An Empirical Study in ASEAN-5 Countries. Prior to this award, he graduated from the University of Hasanuddin and active as a lecturer at the university ever-since. In 2005 until 2006, Syarkawi has been active as a Junior Advisor at UNSFIR – UNDP (United Nation Support Facility for Indonesia Recovery) in the field of Industrial Policy. While active as the Senate at University of Hasanuddin, Syarkawi was also being listed as the Chief Economist Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI), Makassar.



Mrs. R Kurnia Sya’ranie began her career at the Ministry of Industry as Sub Section Head of Techies Settings, Bureau of Law and Organization in 1984-1986. Kurnia is also the former Head of Legislation, Bureau of Law and Organization, Ministry of Industry and Trade (1999-2000). Kurnia gave many contributions for the establishment of Indonesian competition laws. She was part of the Preparatory Team for the establishment of Law No. 5/1999 on the Prohibition of Monopolistic Practices and Unfair Business Competition. She then join the Commission as Executive Director in 2000-2001 period, and then became Director of Investigation and Law Enforcement in 2001-2007 period, the Executive Director of the Commission’s Secretariat in 2007-2009 period, the Commission’s Expert Staff in the Law Section in 2009-2011 period, and Secretary-General of the Commission from 2011 to 2012.



Nawir Messi is the former Chairman of the Indonesian competition authorithy – Komisi Pengawas Persaingan Usaha (KPPU). He holds the Chairmanship since 2011. He has been with the KPPU since its establishment in 2000, in which he initially holds the position as the Executive Director (later known as Secretary General) and then promoted as a member of the Commissioners in 2006. He is notable economist having a master degree from the Australian National University, Canberra Australia (1993). He currently teaches the Economics of Regulation and Competition Policy at the University of Padjadjaran and the University of Indonesia, Jakarta. In 1985-1995 Mr. Messi had been economic research associate in the Center for Policy and Implementation Studies – a collaborative research institute between the Harvard Institute for International Development (HIID). He was an active member of the Indonesian Maritime Council (1999-2005), Managing Director of the Institute for Development of Economics and Finance, Jakarta (1995-2000), Economist of USAID (1995), the World Bank (1995-1996), and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) for Industrial and Trade Reform in Indonesia (1996-1998).



Saidah Sakwan (or Saidah) was born on July, 7, 1971. She is one of the appointed Commissioners for the period of 2012-2017, and was a Member of the Indonesia’s House of Representatives (Parliament) in 2006-2009. This Demak born Commissioner was also served as the Director for Institute for Research and Community Development Studies (IRCOS) Jakarta since 2003. In bureaucracy, she served as an Expert for Indonesian Minister of Women Empowerment in 2001-2003. Before that, she contributed her expertise as a Lecturer for the Islamic State Institute of Raden Intan Jakarta.



Kamser Lumbanradja elected as Commissioner of the KPPU for the period 2012-2017. He was born in Samosir, North Sumatra, moved and continued his education at Jakarta in 1973. In 1988, Kamser holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Management Institute Prasetya Mulya, Jakarta. Educational background and entrepreneurial spirit make one of the Participants World Young Entrepreneurs Leaders Forum, Junior Chamber International Academy in Kurashiki Japan (1996), steady run of his career in the business world. Kamser been a director at PT. Angsa 78 (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) in the period 2003-2007, is believed to be a Business Development at PT. Citra Buana Intan (Minerals and Coal Mining, Property Developers and Hotels) in the period from 2007 to 2011, then became Director of PT. Top Synergy Celebes period 2010-2011. He was became a senator in the Junior Chamber International Indonesia since 1996 also has the ability as a mediator. The ability is increasingly maximized with trustworthiness Kamser as Chairman of the Institute of Mediation Chamber of Commerce, Chamber of Commerce of Indonesia, for the period 2011-2016. In 2012, Kamser Lumbanradja elected as Commissioner Commission for the period 2012-2017.



Sukarmi is the Commissioner of the first period 2006-2011 tenure that had become vice-chairman of the Commission the period 2010-2011 and is currently re-elected Commissioner Sukrmi Commission for the second period. Sukarmi also a lecturer for Faculty of Law, University of Brawijaya, Malang, since 1991 in the subject of International Trade Law, Contract Law and Banking Law. Has written publications and scientific papers on the Law and Anti-Dumping Regulation and Electronic Contracts. In addition to conducting studies at the Centre for Human Rights Studies, Centre for the Study of Regional Autonomy, and the Centre for Legal Studies of Economics at the UB, Sukarmi is a member of Team Assessment Amendment of the 1945 Constitution and Research Centre for Women’s Role, as well as Chairman of Regional Banking Research Institutions and Coordinator of Notary Master Graduate Program Brawijaya University. Sukarmi obtained a law degree from the Brawijaya University (1990) and then continued in the areas of Business Law at the Graduate Program of Padjadjaran University (1999) and obtained his Doctors in Business Law at the same university in 2005.



Tresna P Soemardi has been re-elected as KPPU’s Commissioner for the 2012-2017 period, after being the Commissioner for the 2006-2012 period. During his previous days in KPPU, Tresna served as Vice Chairperson for the 2008-2009 period and as The Chairman for the 2010-2011 period. He started his carrier on private fields of business in 1980 at PT. United Tractors and PT New Module International (1981). He then changed his way to research and development environment on BPPT in 1982 and finally chose as lecturer (as his main profession) in Technique Faculty of University of Indonesia since 1983 and reached his Professor tittle in 2005. Tresna is also an educator and senior advisor for Graduate Programme for Management Science in Economy Faculty of University of Indonesia on Innovation and Strategic Management field. On his carrier days, Tresna ever been a Senior Consultant and Instructor on Strategic Operation, Project, and Risk Management field in Management Institution of Economy Faculty of University of Indonesia in year 1992-1997. Tresna also been as The Head of Developing and Planning Agency in Technique Faculty of University of Indonesia in 1997-2001, Institutional Director UI-BHMN in 2002-2004, and the Director of Venture Partnership Agency (now became PT. Daya Makara UI) as Director Deputy of Innovation and Business Development field in 2004-2005. Tresna was also had his carrier in Dirjen Pendidikan Tinggi Kementerian Pendidikan Nasional in 2001-2005 as TCI- SQI (Tripartite Cooperation Initiative for Sustainability of Quality Improvement) team leader. The commissioner who was born in Palembang in 1995 had his formal education as Machine Technique Engineer in ITB (Bandung Technology Institute) in 1980, Graduate Programme of Environment Science of University of Indonesia in 1985, then reached his Economy Bachelor Degree in Economy Faculty of University of Indonesia in Finance Management Field (1987) and continued the Doctor Programme in Ecole Centrale de Paris in France (1990).



Dr. Drs. Chandra Setiawan, M.M., PhD started working in the business environment as accounting staff, the Head of Finance, Financial Manager, controller at the contractor company, untilworked for building rental and hotel. Since he started as a lecturer, Chandra has been involved in the structural position as executive director, Vice-Rector until finally being a rector for 6 years at two institutions, namely the Institut Bisnis dan Informatika Indonesia (2001-2006) and President University (2012-2015). Chandra was also a member (commissioner) National Human Rights Commission for 5 years (2002-2007). As a person who is active in the field of human rights, Chandra has also been the Executive Director of the Global Peace Festival Asia Pacific 2010. He is also one of the founders of the Indonesian Conference for Religion and Peace (ICRP). He took his first PhD degree in Educational Management and then he took his second PhD in Finance, in Islamic Finance.



Munrokhim Misanam is very concern in economy field, graduated from doctoral program at Rensselaer Politechnic Institute (Troy New York), that is armed with his experiences as a commissioner researcher’s assistant at United State-Federal Trade Commission (US-FTC) has become one of the economist of regulations and antitrust. This Bachelor of Economics that graduated from the Islamic University of Indonesia, Yogyakarta, took a Master of Arts in Economics in Ohio University, U.S. and became teaching assistant at Ohio University. Currently, Munrokhim also serves as Director of Graduate Programs for Islamic University of Indonesia, Yogyakarta. Outside of teaching jobs, Munrokhim active as a researcher in various institutions such as the Islamic Research Training Institute (IRTI), Islamic Development Bank (IDB) Jeddah Saudi Arabia, Ministry of National Education, and Kebangsaan Malaysia University, and asked to be a consultant and resource person in several institutions, such as the World Bank, Bank Indonesia, the Labor Department, Asian Productivity Organization (APO), BAPPENAS, parliament, and the Asian Development Bank. Additionally, Munrokhim has also been a corporate advisor in some corporations, such as PT. Coca Cola Indonesia, PT. KAI and JSE.