Monday, May 3, 2021

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Indonesia Competition Commission (ICC) ameliorates the supervision of micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) partnerships in the region of West Java by signing a Memorandum of Understanding with the West Java Provincial Government and Padjadjaran University (UNPAD). The signing of MoU was conducted separately in Bandung, today. This is in line with the needs for supports from various parties for ICC in the supervision of MSMEs partnerships as mandated by Law No. 80 Year 2008. Specifically for the West Java region, the supports for supervision were obtained from the West Java Provincial Government and Padjadjaran University.

Given the data issued by the Central Statistics Agency, West Java is recorded to have 7 (seven) new economic potentials for this region Post-the COVID-19, namely to get the investment opportunities of the companies moving from China, food self-sufficiency, technology self-sufficiency, to boost business opportunities in the health sector, digital economy, the application of sustainable economy, and local tourism. In addition to the said potentials, based on data from the West Java Cooperatives and Small Enterprises Service Office, the number of West Java Micro, Small, and Medium-Scale Entrepreneurs/ Business Actors has reached 4.6 million business units. With due observance of the said matter, cooperation between ICC and the West Java Provincial Government in supporting the growth of MSMEs is badly needed.

For this purpose, ICC has improved cooperation through the extension of Memorandum of Understanding between ICC and the West Java Provincial Government, the signing of which was held at the Pakuan State Building, Bandung on April 16, 2021 between the Chairman of ICC and the Governor of West Java, Ridwan Kamil. This collaboration is not merely aimed at supervising business competition, but also at overseeing MSMEs partnerships.

Ridwan Kamil in his remarks said yes and amen that ICC needs to sharpen its role in the supervision of MSMEs partnerships in West Java for the sake of raising the economic growth in West Java in general as well as guaranteeing sound competition opportunities in West Java, especially in order to help restore the economic conditions affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Ridwan also emphasized that he allows business actors to be more developed in their businesses, but they also have to promote small-scale business actors together. This is in line with the principles of sound partnership wherein large-, medium- and small-scale business actors work jointly on a mutual benefit basis.

            In line with the supports for the supervision of the MSMEs partnerships, ICC has also sharpened its role by extending the memorandum of understanding with Padjadjaran University (Unpad). The signing was conducted directly by the Rector of Unpad, Rina Indiastuti, at the Unpad Rectorate Building, Dipati Ukur. Hopefully, through this collaboration with the civitas academica, the supports for MSMEs in West Java may become broader.