Friday, March 5, 2021

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Tuesday (3/2), the Indonesia Competition Commission (ICC) together with the United States Department of Justice (US DOJ) held the last part of a Series of Virtual Workshop on Competition Law Enforcement. This activity is a platform to learn about how the US DOJ conducts investigations on certain competition issues, as well as to share their case examples.

Speakers in this series of virtual workshop are Howard Parker and Thomas Greene, Attorneys from US DOJ. This activity was attended by more than 100 (one hundreds) ICC’s Investigators and Officers from working units who handle law enforcement and market researches. This series of virtual workshop brought some specific topics: 1) Workshop on Understanding Business Process in Digital Platform, that was held on 26th January 2021; 2) Workshop on Cross Border Case Handling, that was held on 16th February 2021; and 3) Workshop on Predatory Pricing, that was held on 3rd March 2021.

The virtual workshop on Understanding Business Process in Digital Platform discussed businesses’ strategies in building market power, as well as examples of USDOJ’s cases on digital platforms. While the virtual workshop on Cross Border Case Handling discussed how to handle cases involving companies outside their jurisdiction, the best way to cooperate with other competition authorities in cross-border cases, examples of cross-border cases, including cases of cross-border cartels.

Lastly, the virtual workshop on Predatory Pricing discussed how to detect predatory pricing including how predatory pricing is determined, the difference between predatory pricing and limit pricing, key take-out, and case examples.

This series of virtual workshop activity is certainly useful for ICC particularly for the Investigators in handling competition cases. The last workshop session was closed with a group photo with the participants.