Friday, July 24, 2020

ICC has conducted an advocacy process to the government and the administrators of the Pre-employment Card Program and has so far found no indication of the violation of competition law in the implementation of the program. This conclusion has been drawn based on an in-depth analysis and discussion with the parties linked to the program, as a follow-up to the suggestions and recommendations submitted by ICC.

In its previous press release, ICC underscored the importance of some regulating so to create fair business competition in the implementation of the pre-employment program, including among other things: (i) the setting selection criteria for training operators, (ii) cooperation relationships between digital platforms and educational institutions, (iii) anticipation of the violation of the principle of partnership, (iv) flexibility of choices for consumers/participants, and (v) anticipation of better regulating if offline training program is also conducted. ICC has inquired related parties, provided inputs and held discussions with them, especially the Implementing management of the Pre-employment Program, 8 (eight) digital platforms, training institutions, and program participants during the advocacy process.

The advocacy process conducted by ICC has generated good faith of the Implementing Management to improve the management system of the pre-employment cards, especially in terms of the application of the principles of fair business competition, such as reviewing cooperation contracts in order to ensure the absence of discrimination by the digital platforms towards other training institutions, reviewing and approving the amount of the service commission, as well as reviewing the setting of the minimum quality standards for decent training offered in the program.

Furthermore, the Implementing Management side itself has stated that it is open to review the policy made, if ICC finds alleged violations of business competition, especially discriminatory behaviours committed by digital platforms towards other training institutions or towards training institutions not affiliated with the digital platforms.

ICC appreciates the collaborative efforts shown by the Implementing Management by continuing working together in overseeing business competition processes in the implementation of the program, especially in providing further recommendations when there are additional policies in the future that can distort the market, so that the program can be implemented  and can run in accordance with the expected goals.