ICC Disseminates Compliance Program to Japanese Business Actors in Indonesia.

Friday, December 2, 2022

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Jakarta (22/11) – Indonesia Competition Commission (ICC) attended a webinar titled “Indonesian Competition Law and Competition Compliance Program”. Attending such online activity were Vice Chairman of ICC Guntur S. Saragih, Deputy of Studies and Advocacy Taufik Ariyanto, and Director of Competition and Partnership Advocacy M. Zulfirmansyah, as well as Directors and in-house legal staff of Japanese companies being the members of The Jakarta Japan Club.

The Vice Chairman of ICC in his remarks pledged his support for the Japanese business actors in Indonesia especially if they continue observing the competition law in their activities so as not to commit monopolistic practices and unfair competition. “We believe that if business actors enforce the competition law, they can make positive contributions to communities, consumers, and themselves,” he asserted. Furthermore, Guntur said that for ICC, preventing violations is much more important than taking actions although the Job Creation Law augments the sanctions that may be imposed by ICC.

Taufik presented materials pertaining to the implementation of the competition law through Law No.5/1999 and its amendment in line with the putting into effect of Law No.11/2020 on Job Creation in order to raise participants’ awareness. The points of the amendment include ICC’s remedy in the form of objection, the period for handling objections, limits of maximum fines and criminal sanctions. Subsequently, Zulfirmansyah made his presentation on Business Compliance Program-related materials on which occasion he explained that this Compliance Program was implemented and developed by Business Actors as a form of their own commitments, active attitude and awareness so as not to violate the provisions of Law No.5/1999. Not just in Indonesia, the Compliance Program is deemed more effective in minimizing the violations of competition in some other countries as well.

This webinar constitutes a follow-up to the meeting between the Chairman of ICC and the Japanese Ambassador on April 18, 2022 and was facilitated by the Jakarta Japan Club (JJC). It is expected that Japanese business actors in Indonesian can minimize any potential violations of Law No.5/1999 through this activity. ICC expects that the Business Actor Compliance Program can be attended by as many business actors investing in Indonesia as possible.