Tuesday, September 1, 2020

ICC earns Unqualified Opinion (WTP) again this year. The achievement attained was officially handed over to the Chairman of ICC, Kurnia Toha, by Member 2 of the State Audit Board (BPK), Pius Lustrilanang, on Tuesday, September 1, 2020 at the BPK Gatot Subroto Building.

Unqualified Opinion constitutes an audit opinion issued by BPK on the management and use of the State Revenues and Expenditures Budget (APBN) through the financial statement of ICC, which in this regard is judged to have reached a fairness level based on several criteria, among other things, government accounting standards, adequacy of disclosure, compliance with laws and regulations, and effectiveness of the internal control system. Therefore, institutions that earn an Unqualified Opinion is judged to have applied the properly applicable accounting principles.

With the issuance of the Report on BPK Audit Results over the 2019 Financial Statement of ICC, it is recorded that ICC has attained an achievement for 8 consecutive years for having won the Unqualified Opinion over the assessment of Financial Statements since 2012. “This positive achievement constitutes a commitment of ICC to supporting transparency and accountability in the management of the state finance. Although there are several minor notes that still need to be followed up, ICC will continue making efforts to resolve them in the future and will endeavor not to have the same repeated findings so as to be capable of maintaining such achievement and even the better one,” said Kurnia when he closed his remarks in the BPK Audit Result Report handover activity.