Tuesday, December 21, 2021

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Jakarta (23/11) – Year 2021 is still a quite challenging year for all parties, including Indonesia Competition Commission (ICC). Despite the various challenges, ICC still shows various positive performances in the field of law enforcement throughout year 2021. In general, the performance of business competition can be seen from the increased business competition index value in 2021 previously from 4.67 to 4.81. Various indicators of law enforcement performance show positive values as well. This came to fore in the Media Gathering held by ICC in a hybrid fashion in Jakarta today.

ICC realizes that its performance is not separate from the role of journalists who intensively report various business competition issues. For that reason, it is deemed necessary to provide a forum as a medium to strengthen a rapport with the media. ICC underscored several of its performances in the media gathering featuring ICC Commissioner, M. Afif Hasbullah.

In terms of law enforcement, ICC explains that it has completed 47 (forty-seven) reports out of 174 (one hundred and seventy-four) reports handled this year. ICC has also handled 29 (twenty-nine) initiative case probes. Eight of them continue to the investigation stage. The number of ICC cases decided throughout 2021 was also significant, namely 23 (twenty-three) cases with 6 (six) ICC decisions being corroborated in the Commercial Court. In terms of mergers and acquisitions, ICC has received 187 (one hundred and eighty-seven) notifications, 58 (fifty-eight) of which constitute notifications of foreign companies. Most of the foreign notifications are related to the manufacturing, construction, and plantation industries. The MSME partnership aspect also becomes the focus of attention of ICC in 2021. There were 16 (sixteen) partnership supervision activities conducted by ICC, wherein 4 (four) of them have been followed up to become cases in 2021. ICC is also actively making efforts to provide suggestions and considerations pertaining to government policies. In terms of policy, 9 (nine) assessments of the business competition policy with regard to various measures of cross-border trade have been submitted.

ICC also announced the nominations for the 2021 ICC Award recipients for Ministries and Provincial Governments on the said occasion. There are 11 (eleven) Ministries and 9 (nine) Provincial Governments being nominated by ICC to receive the award. As we know it, ICC Award is an award rewarded to the Ministries and the Provincial Governments for their performance and contribution in applying the principles of business competition and the principle of fair partnership in their economic policies. The award will be rewarded at the presentation event which will be held on the upcoming December 14.