Thursday, September 16, 2021

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Jakarta (21/7) – ICC has completed Report Clarification process on the alleged violation of Law Number 5 Year 1999 regarding Prohibition of Monopolistic Practices and Unfair Business Competition (Law 5/1999) with regard to alleged price fixing and cartel in imposing balance check fees and cash withdrawals on the ATM Link network and declares to stop the law enforcement proceedings on the report. This is in light of the absence of at least 1 (one) instrument of proof indicating the existence of actions of Reported Parties to have fixed the price and cartel in imposing balance check fees and cash withdrawals through the use of ATM Link. Moreover, the Reporting Party has also withdrawn its report to ICC because the Reported Parties do not implement the plan to charge balance checks and cash withdrawals at the ATM Link network.

It should be mentioned that ICC will conduct a clarification process towards each incoming report. Such clarification is carried out to administratively check the completeness of the report, the truth of the identity of the Reporting Party, the correctness of the identity of the Reported Party, the correctness of the address of the Witness, the suitability of the alleged violation of Law 5/1999 with the article violated based on the instrument of proof submitted by the Reporting Party, as well as assessing the absolute competence of the report.

Although report handling has been closed, ICC will continue making advocacy and supervisory efforts with regard to the imposition of balance check fees and cash withdrawals or other service fees by ATM Link. Moreover, ICC is presently expanding its supervision to include indications or potential allegations of price fixing and cartel practices up to the imposition of service fees through other interbank ATM networks. ICC maystill conduct law enforcement proceedings through an initiative mechanism, if the existence of indications price fixing and cartel behaviors in the interbank service fees among related parties is found in the future.