Indonesia binds a knot to improve Mongolia’s competition law.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

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_nsa7201Indonesian competition agency, KPPU, proved its commitment to jointly build capacity of competition agencies in other region by signing a formal cooperation (memorandum of understanding) with its competition agency, the Authority for Competition and Consumer Protection (AFCCP) last week, 5 May 2017, in the fascinating city of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

The formal cooperation, which initially proposed by the AFCCP Chairman, Mr. Lkhagva Byambasuren, agreed to built capacity of competition agencies through technical assistance programs, data exchanges, and sharing of knowledges. The cooperation was a follow-up on the outcome of AFCCP last visit to KPPU back in November 2016.

During his remarks, Chairperson of KPPU, Dr. Muhammad Syarkawi Rauf, explained that KPPU put its expectation for a positive relation amongst agencies, as Indonesia is in the middle of her active engagements through bilateral and multilateral dialogues with several countries. Indonesia awares that competition culture is the utmost important factor for a successful competition regime. KPPU has been successful in building such culture to the highest level, while facing ongoing challenges in the amendment of their competition law. Sharing of knowledge views as one of important aspects to build trust among agencies, as at the end it will lead to a mutual and sustainable cooperation in the future. KPPU shows its enthusiasm to elaborate activities under such engagement.

Chairman of AFCCP expressed that moving from 72 years bilateral relation between Indonesia and Mongolia, and a visit made to KPPU in 2016, AFCCP is interested to learn more from Indonesian competition regime. They highlighted Indonesian succeeded in contributing to their economy. Globalization demands coordination among world competition agencies, hence in line with an increased economic relation, AFCCP expected this cooperation to empower an effective cooperation between agencies.

Both agencies also expressed its goodwill to improve communication and coordination in the future.