KPPU and Statistics Indonesia build statistical database and information system on competition and partnership.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

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Facing the robust and complex competition dynamic, KPPU values the importance of strategic measures in optimizing its performance on supervision. One of which is through building networking with a credible institution. Such reason placed KPPU to join hand with Statistics Indonesia (BPS) in form of memorandum of understanding to create synergize in supplying, utilizing, and developing statistical data and information in competition and partnership.

There were severals agreed on issues in the cooperation between both agencies, including providing data and information through planning and budgeting, collection, presentation, and analysis of statistical data and information in the area of competition and partnership.

During the signing in the 26th Juli 2017, Chairperson of KPPU, Syarkawi Rauf, stated the importance of such collaboration.

“In handling cases, KPPU will require sufficient and reliable data. These only can be provided by the Statistics Indonesia, as the main resource for statistics in Indonesia, as promoted by the Indonesian President Joko Widodo”, explained Syarkawi.

In addition, Head of BPS, Kecuk Suhariyanto, welcomes good cooperation between KPPU and BPS.

“This cooperation is a commitment by BPS to implement a single data policy to promote the creation of fair competition”, stated Kecuk.

Both agencies also cooperate to build and develop to build and develop database and information system dedicated to competition and business partnership for MSME. Such database, according to Syarkawi, will become important in building internal analysis by KPPU.

“We believed with the availability of database and information system on competition and partnership will improve the quality of decision and policy advice issued by KPPU”, stated Syarkawi.