National Seminar on Global Outlook Business Competition for a Better Indonesia.

Thursday, December 15, 2016


Jakarta (15/12) – Commision for the Supervision of Business Competition in a series of 2016 activities Competition Week successfully organized a national seminar titled Global Outlook on Competition Policy and Law 2017 and the launched of the Compliance Program Law No. 5 of 1999 on Thursday, December 15, 2017. Present at the seminar, the Chairman of KPPU M. Syarkawi Rauf, Minister for Trade Enggartiasto Lukita, Secretary General of KPPU Charles Pandji Dewanto, KPPU Commissioner Period 1 Faisal Basri and Soy Pardede, Commissioner JFTC Hideo Makuta, Representative Junichi Yanagita JFTC, JICA Representative to the development of business competition in Indonesia Nakasato Kazuhira, and representatives of the Japanese Embassy to Indonesia Kenji Ishihara. In his speech, Syarkawi explained the purpose of this seminar are (1) to provide an understanding of Law No. 5 Year 1999 on Prohibition Monopoli And Unfair Competition, (2) provide an overview of policy in competition law in Indonesia in the period of 2016 and its development in 2017, (3) giving understanding of the dynamics of the business world in relation to competition law, and (4) the launch of the Compliance Program Law 5 of 1999 concerning Prohibition of Monopolistic Practices and Unfair Business Competition.


In the seminar, described how the projection of the global economy will grow around 3.1% in 2016 and projected it could rise in 2017 approximately 3.4% of overall economic growth in the world. Another thing that is also interesting from a variety of global forecast is that the global economy will experience a change in terms of global supply chain, both in terms of intra-industry trade and interindustry trade. Trade in one industry and trade among different industries. “Now the tendency is happening globally as this was certainly influential to Indonesia, well so in Indonesia also projected economic growth we once could be predicted 5.3% end up in our state budget is projected to grow only 5.1%. Well I guess this is part of the impact of the pressure that will occur globally, “added Syarkawi. In addition to the seminar, KPPU also launched the Competition or Program Compliance Guideline Adherence to Law No. 5 of 1999, in which there is one rule regarding the agreements prohibited activities, among others, (1) the agreement setting the price (which included a stipulation agreement price, the agreement includes price discrimination, agreements of prices fixing below market prices, and the agreement which contains the prohibition to sell or supply return goods bought at a lower price), (2) the agreement zoning marketing or market allocation, (3 ) agreement to boycott against other business actors, (4) the agreement cartel that intends to influence prices by adjusting production and or marketing of goods and or services, (5) an agreement to form a trust company, (6) the agreement is closed (including an exclusive agreement and agreement tying product), and (7) agreements with foreign parties.


“These Guidelines also expected to assist KPPU in the course of law enforcement and merger acquisitions, in which the merger will change the future trend, namely the trend of corporate mergers Indonesia with foreign companies,” explained Syarkawi. (IPW)