Progress of The Process of Objection to ICC Decision on The Cooking Oil Case.

Friday, January 5, 2024

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Jakarta (22/12) – The legal process of objection to the Decision of the Indonesia Competition Commission (ICC) for Case Number 15/KPPU-I/2022 concerning Alleged Violation of Article 5 and Article 19 Letter C in the Sale of Packaged Cooking Oil in Indonesia (Cooking Oil Case) since November 28, 2023 is still ongoing at the Central Jakarta Commercial Court (PN). The last agenda of the objection hearing, which was on December 21, 2023 yesterday, scheduled the Examination of Experts submitted by the Objection Applicant. Present as an expert in the hearing was Dr. Fithra Faisal Hastiadi, SE, MSE, M.A., an economist from the University of Indonesia who was also a spokesperson for the Ministry of Trade in 2020.

In the hearing led by the Chief Judge of the District Court, Dra. Susanti Arsi Wibawani, SH, MH, Dr. Fithra was examined to reaffirm things that were not clear in ICC decision, especially the issue of the scarcity of migrant oil and its relationship with government policies, the phenomenon of rising crude palm oil prices, and the withholding of production by producers. In addition to being attended by ICC as the Objection Respondent, the hearing was also attended by the seven Reported Parties who filed an objection.

The next hearing will be held with the agenda of Witness Examination of the Objection Petitioner, which is scheduled for January 4, 2024.