Regional Collaterals (Products ASEAN).

ASEAN Competition Law and Policy Peer Review: Guidance Document

The Guidance Document (GD) outlines the steps in the ASEAN competition policy and law peer review process. Each step corresponds to a section in the GD. Furthermore, it includes sub-steps, the responsible party or parties, and highlights the activities that take place in each step, as well as appendices and templates to assist in the planning and implementation of a successful peer review.


Trainers’ Guide to Market Studies

This Trainers’ Guide is intended to form a convenient and user-friendly primer on how to conduct (competition) market studies. Even though it is designed as an in-house tool for competition agencies in the ASEAN region to train existing or new staff on this topic, it could also be used as general reading materials for other institutions and stakeholders who might at one point take on the task of conducting a market study for their national competition agency.


Competition Enforcement Strategy Toolkit for ASEAN Competition Agencies

This Toolkit on Enforcement Strategies (“Toolkit”) is intended not as a binding reference for the ASEAN Expert Group on Competition (“AEGC”), but to provide orientation for ASEAN competition authorities to “pick and choose” the enforcement tools and templates, as they see fit to adopt or adapt. It is also a “live document” which allows for additions. This Toolkit aims to assist ASEAN competition agencies with competition enforcement.


Handbook on Competition Policy and Law in ASEAN for Business 2017

Third Edition of the Handbook on Competition Policy and Law in ASEAN for Business aims to update information on the competition laws and policies in AMS, given the developments since 2013 when the last edition was released. These included the recent enactment of competition laws in four AMS (Brunei Darussalam, Lao PDR, Myanmar, and the Philippines) and amendments to competition laws in Singapore and Thailand. This updated Handbook also serves as a useful guide to businesses, especially Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), as the Handbook covers the institutional and legal provisions of competition laws, the scope of prohibited practices, other restrictive business practices as well as procedural issues.

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Competition Compliance Toolkit for Business in ASEAN

This toolkit aims to provide business with information on the basic principles of competition law, benefits of competition compliance, as well as guidelines on implementing an internal Competition Compliance Programme (CCP) in the ASEAN context. The toolkit was written for an informal purpose for targeted users to identify key concepts of competition compliance and develop compliance strategies or measures that best suit their needs, in order to enhance competition compliance within the company as well as business practices.


Annual Report ASEAN Expert Group on Competition (AEGC)

This Report highlights the major achievements of the AEGC in 2017 as it celebrates its 10th anniversary, in particular; the 2017 AEGC key priorities, outlines the progress in implementing the ACAP 2025, cooperation with development partners, as well as competition law developments in individual ASEAN Member States (AMS).


ASEAN Regional Guidelines on Competition Policy

The Regional Guidelines were published in 2010 to provide orientation in the formulation and introduction of national competition laws, as envisaged under the Blueprint for the ASEAN Economic Community 2015. Drawing on country experiences and international good practices, they set out different policy and institutional options as a reference for ASEAN Member States in creating a fair competitive business environment.


Handbook on Competition Policy and Law in ASEAN for Business

The Handbook for Business provides an overview of the substantive and procedural competition law in ASEAN Member States. Written in an easy-to-understand language, it is primarily intended as a reference for the business community. First published in 2010 and revised in 2013, another update is planned for 2016 in order to account for recent developments in the area of competition policy and law in the region.


Guidelines on Developing Core Competencies in Competition Policy and Law for ASEAN

The Regional Core Competencies Guidelines are intended for use by staff of competition-related agencies in ASEAN in developing and strengthening their required core competencies. As such, they focus on the following key competency areas: (i) Institutional Building; (ii) Enforcement; and (iii) Advocacy.


Toolkit on Competition Advocacy in ASEAN

The Toolkit on Competition Advocacy in ASEAN  aims is to provide AMS with practical guidance,tools and templates to develop and deliver advocacy activities for Competition Policy and Law. It is primarily intended for by Competition Authorities in ASEAN, including Commission members, heads of departments, communications staff and case-handlers.


ASEAN Commemorative Banners

The banners were produced to commemorate the advent of the ASEAN Economic Community in 2015 and cover the following topics:

  1. The Benefits of Competition Policy for Businesses and the Economy
  2. The Benefits of Competition Policy for Consumers
  3. ASEAN Regional Cooperation on CPL
  4. The ASEAN Post-2015 Agenda on Competition Policy
  5. Anti-Competitive Agreements
  6. Abuse of Dominance
  7. Competition Advocacy and Compliance
  8. AEGC Contacts


ASEAN Brochure “What You Need to Know About Competition Policy in ASEAN”

The brochure contains basic information on competition policy and law in ASEAN, such as a brief descriptions of the main areas of competition law and the importance of promoting business compliance. As such, it is geared towards the general public.


ASEAN Pamphlet “What You Need to Know About Competition Policy in ASEAN”

The pamphlet presents general information on competition policy and law in ASEAN as well as the contact details for all competition-related institutions in the region.


The ASEAN Capacity Building Roadmap for Competition (2021-2025)

The updated ASEAN Capacity Building Roadmap for Competition (2021-2025) recommends capacity building initiatives in support of ASEAN Member States (AMS) effectively and efficiently introducing, collaborating and coordinating on competition policy and law in the period 2021 – 2025.