The Parliament has finalized the candidate for KPPU Commissioners.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

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Jakarta (23/4) – The Commission VI of Indonesian House of Representative (Parliament) has passed the proposed list of KPPU Commissioner for the period of 2018-2013 on their Internal Hearing last Monday. This may concluded the end of on-going period of 2012-2018, following two times extension by the President Joko Widodo which will be ended by the 27th of April 2018. The Parliament said that they have decided 9 (nine) names from 18 (eighteen) names to be proposed to the House Plenary Meeting and the President. The list mostly consists of academician from several backgrounds, specifically law and economics.

There are 6 (six) academics, namely Mr. Afif Hasbullah (Rector of Moslem University of Darul Ulum Lamongan), Mr. Guntur Syahputra Saragih (Lecturer for Economic and Business Faculty of the University of Indonesia), Mr. Kodrat Wibowo (Lecturer for Economic and Business Faculty of the Padjajaran University ), Mr. Kurnia Toha (Lecturer for Law Faculty of the University of Indonesia), Mr. Ukay Karyadi (Executive Director of Prospera Institute), and Mr. Yudi Hidayat (Lecturer for the Moestopo University).

There is also a representative from small and medium-sized business community, Mr. Harry Agustanto, who ran business on packaging for multinational musical instrument companies. He is also a consultant for intellectual property right.

There are also 2 (two) commissioners candidate from KPPU, namely Mr. Chandra Setiawan (on-going Commissioner) and Mrs. Dinnie Melanie (Senior Investigator of KPPU).